Salam, Delfin xanim. Sizden ( beFour ) cixan mahnileri isteyirem
"Magic Melody
"Come Fly With Me
"Little, Little Love
"All 4 One"
"Cosmic Ride"
"Zero Gravity"
"A New Generation"
"Fly Around the World"
"Cherry Babe"
"Red (The Color of Love)"
"Bye Bye Baby"
"Magic Melody"
"Hand in Hand"
"Winter Dream"
"Sweet Little Bells"
"Crying Heart"
"Shooting Star"
"If You Wanna Know"
"Sometimes Dreams Come True"
"Sunshine In December"
"Winter In My Heart"
"Crystal Wonderland"
"Winterdream (Phantasialand Version)"
"Sometimes Dreams Come True (feat. Lisa)"
"Hand in Hand (Piano Version)" 
"Live Your Dream"
"Happy Holiday"
"Listen To Your Heart"
"We Stand United"
"Time To Dance"
"Space Race"
"Balla Balla"
"Last Flight To The Stars"
"Give It Up"
"You Gave Me Life"
"Befour Undercover"
"No Limit"
"All I Ever Wanted"
"Friends 4 Ever"
"One Step To Infinity"
"(Love Is Like A) Mystery"
"All Night Long"
"Message Of Freedom"
"Hear The Countdown Call"
"Happy People"
"All Around The Planet" 
"Halloween party"
"A note from beFour"
lütfen tap delfin cox önemli  :194: 

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